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Leaking chimneys, broken chimneys, indoor or on the roof. We’ll fully inspect the inside of your chimney and scale the treacherous roof.



Natural stone and masonry beautifies interior and exteriors.  Adding masonry stone to siding or other areas increases the appeal of your home dramatically.


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Fireplaces serve as the focal point of a room, and we love building exquisite stone & brick fireplaces.

Top 10 Interior Stone Accent Wall Trends

By fredricksonmasonry | October 26, 2020

Stone Accent Walls are Trending  Stone accent walls add depth, dimension, design, and warmth to any room. For centuries, stone has been used for both function and durability as well as for its timeless elegance.  Natural stone offers exquisite textures and superior quality. From kitchen backsplashes to a supporting structure, Stone is a great addition…

10 fireplace safety tips Fredrickson Masonry and Chimney Repair

10 Fireplace safety tips

By fredricksonmasonry | March 28, 2017

10 fireplace safety tips When a family slows down a bit, and pulls up to a fireplace, great memories can be forged. Also, there’s something special about warming your house with your fireplace rather than the heater, watching a movie, having a cup of coffee, or opening Christmas gifts all seem just a bit more…

Chimney Repair Minneapolis Mn Fredrickson Masonry

Chimney Repair Minneapolis Minnesota

By fredricksonmasonry | February 27, 2017

Chimney Repair Minneapolis Minnesota If you’ve stumbled upon our website, that means you’re searching for a company for chimney repair or masonry services . It could be that you’re looking for help sealing up a chimney, completely removing the chimney, repairing broken chimney bricks, or trying to determine where a chimney leak is coming from. If…

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Dylan Fredrickson

Hello. I'm Dylan Fredrickson – Founder & CEO

"Dylan has been doing masonry since he was 18 years old. While he looks young, we assure you that this translates to over 16 years of experience. What started out as a great trade and career, has become an obsession for Dylan and our small team."

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