Chimney Repair St. Paul Mn

Fredrickson Masonry would like to be your go-to company when it comes to chimney repair services in the St. Paul, MN area. We’ve been doing masonry and chimney repair for homeowners since 2002, and we know that you’ll be satisfied with our Chimney renovation, chimney repair, and chimney leak fix in the St. Paul, Mn region.

St. Paul Chimney Inspections and Free Estimates

Stay off your St. Paul Mn Roof!

If you’ve got a home with a chimney and fireplace in St. Paul, then we’d like to offer you a complementary chimney inspection. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to come out and get on your roof so that you don’t have to.

We think that any company vying for the title of “best chimney repair company St. Paul Mn” should be helping homeowners by providing low-cost, or no-cost estimates. We think that keeping Minnesotan’s off of their roof is helpful, because we’re used to providing chimney cap installation, crown repair, tuck pointing, and chimney flue inspections

Chimney Flue Inspection St. Paul Minnesota

We’ll get on your Saint Paul Minnesota home’s roof and inspect it, but we can even get inside of your chimney to see what problems there might be. Chimney repair estimates and inspections are helpful for homeowners because the dangers of chimney neglect are real.

Whether your Chimney is for a gas or wood burning fireplace, we know the importance of keeping it repaired, clean, and sealed properly.

Chimney Draft Problems Minnesota

Whether you live in Maplewood, South St. Pau, West St. Paull, or right between the Twin Cities on interstate 94 or 394, we’re all aware that St. Paul Minnesota has some brutal weather conditions.

It’s these weather conditions that cause our chimney masonry, chimney caps, chimney flues, chimney bricks and the grout to require repair on a more frequent schedule than other states.

St. Paul Chimney Problems

The problems with Chimneys arise when our weather fluctuates so drastically. We experience extremely hot Minnesota summers, arctic winter conditions, but the real problem is the spring and fall.

St. Paul Chimney Repair Companies Fighting Spring and Fall Damage

One day Minnesota will experience extremely warm temperatures, particularly on the roofs of our houses where the sun can beat intensely, and then within the hour, we can fluctuate by dozens of degrees. It’s this thawing and freezing cycle in the Minnesota fall and spring time that causes the most damage to the Chimney Cap, Crown, and brick structure of St. Paul Minnesota Homes.

Water and Snow Damage Repair on Chimneys

Not only do we have the rapid heating and cooling during the spring and fall seasons, but we can also have massive snow, wind, and ice issues. Nothing can damage a chimney more than massive build up of ice and snow.

Chimney Renovation St. Paul Mn

Many people wish to take their chimney and beautify it by renovating it. We work with homeowners to look at a number of different options to upgrade the curb appeal and home value of the house by installing natural stone, façade, or other masonry options.

Chimney Dangers St. Paul Mn

Saint Paul residents should never neglect their chimneys, because they are dealing with something that can leak into their house, causing massive damage to their roofs, beams, and even cause mold.

Not only is a chimney leak on a St. Paul home damaging, but when a chimney or fireplace is dirty or damaged, there’s the risk of fire.

Chimney Fire Prevention St. Paul Minnesota

We think that if you’ve found a dirty chimney, you’ll want to ensure that the masonry is done properly and possibly repair it.

Saint Paul – Stay off your roof, and send our team of Chimney Repairmen up for a no-cost estimate!

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