Chimney Cap Installation Minnesota

What is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap goes on top of the chimney to protect from three things:

  1. Moisture
  2. Animals
  3. Unruly Embers
Chimney Caps and Crowns

Functions of a Chimney Cap

Chimney Leaks and Moisture

It probably goes without saying that a chimney should not have rain pouring directly down it, nor should it be allowed to clog with snow, ice, or any other moisture. Freezing and melting snow is extremely hard on the masonry chimney walls, chimney crown, and the chimney liner – and Minnesota is probably the most extreme set of conditions that a chimney would have to endure.

Putting a chimney cap on your chimney is actually a pretty simple thing for us to do, but we find that when a chimney cap has not been installed on the top of a chimney, chances are that there might already be masonry repairs needed from the moisture problems.

We really have it rough in our Minneapolis neighborhoods; there can be such hot summers, remarkably frigid winters, and the fluctuating spring and fall seasons mean that three days could provide an 80 degree swing.

Chimney Animal Deterring

Raccoons, Squirrels and Birds – need we say more?

Not only are the animals pesky, but they bring with them nesting materials that can be deadly if they catch on fire or block the chimney completely.

it’s incredibly important to ensure that animals are not able to make nests in your chimney, so that you and your family can enjoy the fireplace without questioning whether or not the sparks will catch a birds nest on fire.

Squirrels are very prevalent in Minnesota, and having one decide to come down your chimney and make itself at home in your house isn’t what anybody wants.

Make sure you do the right thing, and put a cap on your chimney.

Our assumption is that most people have chimney caps, but that’s not always the case. Even if people do have a chimney cap, the squirrels often vandalize them, or they can get damaged over time and rust. Remember; whatever a squirrel can get his nose through, his body is sure to follow!

Chimney Ember Guards & Ember Control

Having a spark guard and chimney cap will help stop the burning embers that float along with the burning gases.

The Chimney liner, chimney, walls, crown, and flue are all important to ensure they’re functional because we’re dealing with deadly gas and fire hazards when things aren’t done well.

We cannot emphasize enough, the important of having an ember guard on your chimney along with your chimney cap so that you’re able to cuddle up next to a fire without any worry.