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Leaking chimneys, broken chimneys, indoor or on the roof. We’ll fully inspect the inside of your chimney and scale the treacherous roof.


Natural stone and masonry beautifies interior and exteriors.  Adding masonry stone to siding or other areas increases the appeal of your home dramatically.


Fireplaces serve as the focal point of a room, and we love building exquisite stone & brick fireplaces.

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Qualified Team

Whether we’re providing masonry for a general contractor, or to a Minnesota Homeowner, our local Minnesota team is committed to executing quality work in a trustworthy manner.  Our desire is that you’d be thrilled you worked with us!

Quality Workmanship

Masonry work must be done with excellence. Whether we help you enjoy your home more, or we’ve helped your construction job, we’re committed to quality workmanship that earns your recommendation every time.


Homeowners want to know that they’re getting quality work at a good value. Contractors need to eliminate mistakes, deliver outstanding results, all while executing on a tight timeline. We’re in the business of ensuring both of these expectations are met.

The Importance of Chimney & Brick Repair

A chimney can bring great joy to a family. If you’re anything like me, you remember each instance in your early childhood when your mom or dad would get the fireplace ready and turn it on. For me, it was the first little apartment we lived in during the mid 1980’s, and my mind is seared with the wonderful experiences associated with our fireplace (and chimney).

Whether you’re heating your house with a wood or gas fireplace, roasting marshmallows with your grandkids around the basement fireplace, or snuggling up with your pet around the warm glow, a fireplace can bring tremendous meaning to times together.

But fireplaces and chimneys present a very real problem – they are a combination of potentially dangerous factors, meaning the maintenance and repair is critical.

Minnesota Chimney repair is not something you’ll want to neglect.

Chimney’s revolve around fire, smoke, fumes, and a hole in your roof – along with a series of masonry and roofing systems.

Chimneys present the possibility of fires, poisonous fumes, and leaking roofs if they’re done incorrectly. But our qualified technicians at Fredrickson Masonry have over 15 years of experience transforming old, ugly, and dysfunctional chimneys into beautiful, modern, and safe ones.

Fredrickson Masonry usually finds clients because folks are experiencing a build up of smell, mess, leaks, broken bricks, brick defacement, and other dysfunctions within the chimney.

Servicing and cleaning your fireplace on an annual basis can help ensure that your chimney and fireplace are in tip-top shape, but the reality of a busy life is that most homeowners that we come across here at Fredrickson Masonry, are calling us because it’s time to address the problem.

Chimney flues, caps, screens and dampers are all critical in the ventilation system of your chimney or fireplace.

Chimney Flue Repairs

Your fireplace and chimney system needs to have a properly sized flue that’s in good condition. If you’re relying on your chimney to heat your home in Minnesota, than it’s extra critical that you have well functioning chimney flue and proper liners.

Most Minnesota homeowners are aware of the dangers of deadly Carbon Monoxide that can destroy families when the ventilation is improper around a gas fireplace. Chimney screens and dampers will help protect your chimney flue from the damage our Minnesota weather can inflect – as well as keeping out squirrels, raccoons, and other Minnesota animals that live in your chimney.

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Chimney Restoration and Masonry Repair Services

The masonry around your chimney is literally the building block – which can start to fall apart, age, or become dated. Brick repair to cracked, loose, or a leaning chimney is unsafe and dangerous.

If you don’t address the masonry problems within a chimney, you’ll see a compounding destruction of the infrastructure of the chimney and its surrounding home junctions. When the chimney masonry is broken or cracked, the moisture from our abrasive Minnesota seasons will start to rip it apart with the contractions of ice and erosion of material through water.

Fredrickson Masonry is primarily a masonry company out of Minnesota that specializes in ensuring that you’ve got a beautiful and safe chimney that can serve your family well.

Chimney Sealing and Resurfacing

Chimneys are interesting in that they need to be protected from moisture, and yet have the ability to wick away the moisture the bricks will deal with. Preserving the masonry work of your chimney is done by having professional chimney waterproofing using the various types of solutions on the market.

Trapping moisture inside the bricks and mortar would cause the chimney to decay at a much faster rate, so it’s critical that a professional be involved or leveraged to apply the proper chimney sealing and resurfacing solution for your specific masonry.

Chimney Crown Sealing and Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney caps and chimney crowns help protect the masonry work, flue, and entire chimney from moisture and those little critters that are looking for a nice little home. Damage to the crown and cap occur because moisture will pool or seep in and then expand and contract during the freeze and thaw cycles we find in our Minnesota seasons.

Chimney Crowns

The chimney crown is a large slab placed on the top of the entire chimney structure, to protect the chimney. It’s usually made of a large slab of concrete, and should be free from any cracks or crumbling.   Chimney crown repair and replacement is a large part of the work that we do here at Fredrickson Masonry because the harsh conditions in our Twin Cities weather conditions.

Chimney Cap Repair Minnesota

The chimney cap is what’s covering the open space of the chimney and the inside. What you’ll notice of the chimney caps is the part like a little “hood” or “top” placed above it as to prevent water from pouring down the chimney.

The chimney cap will prevent rain and snow from falling directly into the chimney, while also preventing squirrels and birds from making their home inside your chimney. These caps are usually made of metal and are a critical component for proper venting and drafting. This means that while they might all look alike, each chimney has some nuances and it’s important to do this right.

Top Sealing Chimney Damper Installation

Chimneys have been a mainstay of homes for a millennia, but now that we’re in the 21st century, we’ve got access to much more efficient and convenient problem-solving products. The top sealing damper is the modern solution to the age-old chimney problems of energy inefficiency, drafting, critter infestation, bug infestation, and water.

The top sealing damper is like a chimney cap with added functionality. It will have the same functionality that we talked about above, but will add a sealing lid that can be opened or closed. This convenient sealing systems will allow homeowners to prevent heat loss in their house and maintain energy efficiency when the chimney is not being used.

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