10 fireplace safety tips Fredrickson Masonry and Chimney Repair

10 fireplace safety tips When a family slows down a bit, and pulls up to a fireplace, great memories can be forged. Also, there’s something special about warming your house with your fireplace rather than the heater, watching a movie, having a cup of coffee, or opening Christmas gifts all seem just a bit more…

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Chimney Repair St Paul Mn

Chimney Repair St. Paul Mn Fredrickson Masonry would like to be your go-to company when it comes to chimney repair services in the St. Paul, MN area. We’ve been doing masonry and chimney repair for homeowners since 2002, and we know that you’ll be satisfied with our Chimney renovation, chimney repair, and chimney leak fix…

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CHImney repair edina mn
State of the art Chimney Repair Edina Mn The chimney is a very important component of any property. Besides contributing to the visual allure of the house, its components are also crucial to your ventilation system. Cleaning the chimney and inspecting it regularly goes a long way in helping keep it in good condition. However,…Read More
Chimney Repair Minneapolis Mn Fredrickson Masonry

Chimney Repair Minneapolis Minnesota If you’ve stumbled upon our website, that means you’re searching for a company for chimney repair or masonry services . It could be that you’re looking for help sealing up a chimney, completely removing the chimney, repairing broken chimney bricks, or trying to determine where a chimney leak is coming from. If…

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