10 Fireplace safety tips

10 fireplace safety tips Fredrickson Masonry and Chimney Repair

10 fireplace safety tips When a family slows down a bit, and pulls up to a fireplace, great memories can be forged. Also, there‚Äôs something special about warming your house with your fireplace rather than the heater, watching a movie, having a cup of coffee, or opening Christmas gifts all seem just a bit more…

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Chimney Repair Minneapolis Minnesota

Chimney Repair Minneapolis Mn Fredrickson Masonry

Chimney Repair¬†Minneapolis Minnesota If you’ve stumbled upon our website, that means you’re searching for a company for chimney repair or masonry services . It could be that you’re looking for help sealing up a chimney, completely removing the chimney, repairing broken chimney bricks, or trying to determine where a chimney leak is coming from. If…

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